Madame Silk, a female gangster, is a villainess in the "Mary Marvel" comic strip featuring the super powered heroine.

Appears in -
Wow main madame silk jpg (Large)

Madame Silk

Wow comics vol. 7 no. 7 ( USA. Fawcett publications. July 1945).

Story -

"The world's mightiest girl meets the Siren of Silk."

Madame Silk is the widow of an executed gang boss who takes over his racket involving the theft of silk, when he dies. Actually Madame Silk was secretly the real leader of the gang all along, her husband merely being a front man. Madame Silk plans to kidnap the judge who sentenced her husband and hold him for a huge ransom. Mary Marvel has to stop her evil scheme and bring the villainess and her gang to justice.

Weapons -

A handgun. Gas. Silk thread. A hot iron.

Fate -

Mary Marvel is being held trapped in Madame Silk's silk spider's web while the villainess is threatening the tied up judge with a hot iron to get him to write a ransom note - but Mary Marvel's power has raised the whole building into the air. Silk tries to shoot her, but Mary warns the gangstress she can tip the whole house over (killing them) if she wants to, and the only way they'll get back down is if Silk cuts her free from the web. After Silk does this Mary Marvel socks her henchman, who falls back onto Silk who still has her gun, which fires harmlessly downwards - then Mary punches the villainess, knocking her over.

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