MadameQ 1 Thunder Jaws
Madame Q.
is the main antagonist of the 1990 arcade sidescrolling action game "Thunder Jaws" by Atari Games Corporation.

Seeking world domination, she abducts and transforms both human females and animals into mutants and cyborgs in her hidden underwater base. During the final battle, she becomes a mutant herself; a gigantic, monsterous head.

MadameQ 2 Thunder Jaws

Arcade portrait.

MadameQ 5 Thunder Jaws

CPC sprite

MadameQ 6 Thunder Jaws
MadameQ 3 Thunder Jaws

Arcade sprite

MadameQ 4 Thunder Jaws

Amiga sprite

MadameQ 7 Thunder Jaws

On the Atari ST box cover

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