Madame P 1 Death Prn

The evil and self-indulgent Madame Poppycock.

Madame Poppycock
 is a major antagonist in the webcomic "Death P☆rn" by El Cid.

Calling herself "The Baroness of Despair", Madame Poppycock is a tyrannical slave owner. Her criminal activities include forcing her captives to battle to the death for her entertainment, subjecting them to humiliating games where the loser is killed, drinking and bathing in their blood, and upholstering her furniture with their flesh. This is accomplished thanks to the help of her many henchwomen.

Protagonists Carmen and Angie eventually find themselves sold and enslaved to Poppycock, but eventually manage to destroy her entire operation. Cornered, the slave owner presents an offer to the duo: If they let her flee, they can have all of her riches. Carmen and Angie are quick to agree, with the former intending to kill her later on when she gets the chance. However, that chance never comes, as Angie's boyfriend shows up right after and kills the baroness with a barrage of bullets so fierce that she is cut in half.

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