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Madame Maria Cholon (Daliah Lavi) is a seductive enemy spy in the 1968 drama "The High Commissioner", which is also known as, "Nobody Runs Forever".

Australian police officer Scobie (Rod Taylor) is sent to London to investigate an Australian diplomat, Sir James Quentin (Christopher Plummer), who is suspected of having murdered his first wife 25 years ago. Quentin is engaged in delicate trade negotiations, and Scobie agrees to allow him to complete the negotiations before returning to Australia for trial.

Scobie meets Sheila Quentin (Lilli Palmer), Quentin's second wife, and his secretary, Lisa Pretorius (Camilla Sparv). He also meets the sexy Madame Cholon.

Scobie saves Quentin from an assassination attempt, and learns that Madame Cholon is leader of the spy ring, sent to kill Quentin to stop the trade agreement.

Sheila confesses that she murdered Quentin's first wife. Then Quentin's butler confesses that he was bribed by Madame Cholon to plant a bomb in a clock in Quentin's office.

Sheila retrieves the bomb and takes it to Madame Cholon to have a conversation.  While there, she pulls out the clock and Maria immediately knows what is happening.  She has the shock of impending doom on her face and we later see the bomb explode as Scobie arrives too late.  Both Sheila and Maria are killed, and two legs believe to be that of Madame Cholon appear in the rubble.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Daliah Lavi appeared as Tina, a double agent in the 1966 Matt Helm spy spoof movie, "The Silencers".
  • Daliah Lavi appeared as Helga, a female assassin/henchwomen in the 1967 film, "Some Girls Do".

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