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Marta Carolina Brigida Vernuil, aka. Madame Brutal is the arch nemesis of Goldrake in the long-running Italian comic series "Goldrake". She appeared in over 40 issues, and eventually had her own letter column entitled La Sala Di Tortura.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The first signs of Marta's evil started when she was very young, as she would torture animals to death, to the horror of the neighbors. After being reprimanded by her mother, Marta seized on an opportunity one night to exact her revenge. Her mother's secret lover had sneaked into the household to make love. Marta alerted her father of this, provoking him to murder his wife with a handgun. Horrified with what he had done, he committed suicide seconds later, to the delight of his daughter.

Afterwards, Marta was taken into the custody of her Aunt Sonia, who eventually forged an incestuous relationship with her niece. Marta did not mind at all, until the day Sonia found a new boyfriend. She murdered the intrusive, yet innocent, man and then her aunt shortly after. She was sent to prison and not only escaped, but hunted down and killed the judge who sent her there. From that point on, she embraced the life of a sadistic master criminal, donning her trademark mask, cape and outfit.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Madame Brutal had far too many adventures to showcase them all on this page. Instead, here are 11 images from just one issue: Goldrake #125.

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