Madame Woe is an elemental monster. She gets her name from bringing woe or trouble to everyone she touched. Madame Woe's jewel allowed her to control wind, rain, heat, and cold and could send people to other dimensions.

It is unclear how Madame Woe came into existence. Rita Repulsa contacts Woe and asks her to come to the palace, yet at another earlier scene Rita seems to infer that Finsteris responsible for creating her, as she asks him to create a monster, and when he asks which one, her response is "Madame Woe". Though it's possible Finster created Madame Woe before Rita and her minions were trapped in the space dumpster and she's remained on Earth since.

She was defeated when Billy ripped the crystal off of her head, crumpled it, freeing the other Power Rangers andMarge. They then used the Power Blaster to finisher her off.

Notes Edit

  • Madame Woe holds the distinction of being the first female 'Monster-of-the-day' to appear in the series.
  • In "Island of Illusion" Part 2, Quagmire referred to Madame Woe as a "nightmare queen" who fought Billy in a "land of dreams".
  • Madame Woe was the fourth of five monsters, created for Rita Repulsa who was never grown to giant size to face off against the Power Rangers in a Megazord battle. The first was Bones, the second was Pudgy Pig, the third was Terror Toad, and the fifth was Twin Man.
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