The evil Mabel McKay

Mabel McKay (Judith Evelyn; 1909-1967) is the main villainess from "Martha Mason, Movie Star," episode 2.34 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (airdate May 19, 1957). She is a housewife who believes that she bears a resemblance to famous actress Martha Mason; a belief that went to her head. She informed her husband, Henry that she is bored in her marriage and wanted a divorce, but Henry denies her.

At that moment, Mabel took a look at Henry's hammer, and decided to use it to bludgeon him to death. After killing her husband, Mabel covered up her crime by stating that Henry had left her for another woman, even composing a love letter and claiming that it was written by Henry. Her deception got Mabel a lot of attention, but while she was at the police station, her evil scheme was foiled when she met Cora, Henry's mistress. It turned out Henry really was having an affair, much to Mabel's surprise, and Cora stated that Henry wouldn't go anywhere without her. Mabel was also informed that police had dug up her front yard and found Henry's body, which resulted in Mabel being booked and arrested for murder.

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