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Mabel is a secondary character in the 1985 Italian erotic horror comic "Storie Blu Special 10: Il Ghigno di Sangue" (The Sneer of Blood). She was created by Roberto Revello (artist) and Carmelo Gozzo (writer).

Mabel was employed at a saloon in Colorado in the year 1878. One night, two faces she had never seen before, Sheila and Epsom, rush into the saloon and cry that a local farm family was just massacred by "Indians". However, upon eavesdropping against their door, Mabel learns that the couple actually slaughtered the family themselves, and that it was all part of their grand scheme to eliminate a local native tribe.

The next morning, rather than telling the authorities what she had heard, the ever-curious Mabel trails Sheila and Epsom to the spot of the now devoid-of-life tribe and watches in secret as the dig up some sort of item. Believing it to be a case full of jewels, Mabel finally makes her presence known. Armed with a shotgun, she declares that she plans to kill the two of them and then take the "treasure" for herself. Sheila and Epsom try their best to explain, stating that they both come from far into the future, and that the items are not jewels, but instead micro-cells which have the power to bring the dead back to life. Finding such a story absurd, Mabel refuses to believe them. However, it ultimately is too late as the micro-cells do indeed revive all of the slaughtered natives around them. Mabel tries her best to escape, but fails and is ultimately slaughtered.

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