Lurubu 5 - Gulliver Boy
Holy Devil Sister Lurubu (聖魔シスター・ルルブ) is a secondary antagonist in the 1995 PC Engine fantasy RPG "Kuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy" (空想科学世界ガリバーボーイ) by developer Hudson Soft.

Lurubu is a henchwoman for the game's main antagonist Hallelujah.  After the false main antagonist, Judo, is killed, Lurubu and her sister Jalan travel to Athens and become its leaders by forming a corrupt religion there. A few citizens are suspicious of her, but most are overjoyed with the change. Lurubu encourages the people to work for her and provides them with a special, addictive drink called "Ponpii". As the hero party soon discovers after stumbling upon a room full of corpses, Ponpii eventually either kills a person or transforms them into a monster.

The party trails Lurubu to the Ponpii factory and confronts her. Lurubu states that Ponpii is sought by weak people who wish to become stronger, and that she has no problems with weak people dying. She adds that being concerned with the lives of others over one's own life is absurd. From here, the party battles her and she is killed.

Later, the party manages to free the goddess of Athens, who was previously sealed by Jalan and Lurubu. Fortunately, this goddess uses her power to change the surviving Ponpii drinkers back into their human selves.

A clone of Lurubu can later be found and battled in the game's final dungeon.

Lurubu 3 - Gulliver Boy

Lurubu's battle CG (PCEngine CD version)

Lurubu 6 - Gulliver Boy

Lurubu's attack animation

Lurubu 7 - Gulliver Boy

The corpses discovered...

Lurubu 2 - Gulliver Boy

No guilt to be found here.

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Lurubu 7 - Gulliver Boy
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