Louise Hovey (Kit Smythe) is a minor antagonist in the episode ‘The Man’s Men’ for the tv series ‘Amos Burke: Secret Agent). She is the girlfriend of Hodges, a lackey working for the evil Sylvia Kellogg (Nancy Gates).

Louise first appears at a table with Hodges and another cohort. At this point in time she knows nothing about the plot and is innocent. Amos Burke comes in and says his theory on the length of women’s legs at which country they come from; Louise tells him she comes from Chicago. She unwittingly gives A clue against the other conspirator, saying that his knee pops out at the slightest touch; there was CCTV of a man limping after hitting his leg on the table whilst stealing the intel. Her boyfriend Hodges kills the other conspirator and sounds Burke.

Louise comes into her and hodges’ shared apartment and he tells her he is leaving the country. He makes a phone call with his boss (later revealed to be Sylvia) about getting his share of the money immediately. Louise discovers his getting into ‘trouble’ and she says that she’ll join him in the other country and that she doesn’t care about the bad thing‘s he’s done. Suddenly, Burke enters and points his pistol at the two lovers, despite the fact that Louise has not yet done anything wrong. That is about to change...

Louise attacks Burke and holds him hostage when she is given a pistol. Holding the gun to his head, she and Hodges plan to kidnap him and escape the country. While the car starts, Hodges betrays her by jumping out the car; he is immediately hit by a vehicle! Distraught over her boyfriend’s death, Louise cries over his dead body.

It is later revealed (but not shown) that Louise is in isolation at the CIA headquarters. She has revealed to them that she was to be married to Hodges and that she used to entertain men Hodges wanted favours from.

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