The evil Lorraine Ortega, aka Cissy Lockwood

Lorraine Ortega, aka Cissy Lockwood (Bonnie Burroughs), is the main villainess from "Mr. Awesome," episode 6.17 of Matlock (airdate April 17, 1992).

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Lorraine's backstory reveals that her real name is Cissy Lockwood, and she is from Amarillo, Texas. She was voted Cowgirl of the Year by the West Texas Rodeo Association in 1985, and she became barrel racing champion two years later, possessing a belt buckle that she received as a prize. Cissy was also a fugitive; she and her then-boyfriend robbed a gas station and nearly killed the attendant. She drove the getaway car during the robbery, after which she fled out of Texas.

Events[edit | edit source]

In the episode, Cissy worked as a waitress in a bar in Atlanta, under the name of Lorraine Ortega from Memphis, Tennessee. She began a relationship with ladies’ man Dwayne Meeks, who found out her sinister secret and began blackmailing her to keep it hidden. Lorraine paid off Dwayne, who later moved on to fellow waitress Anne Johnson. Lorraine was one of many who witnessed Dwayne and Anne arguing outside the bar, with Anne turning down Dwayne’s attempt to sleep with her. The argument saw Anne brandish her stun gun, which Dwayne knocked out of her possession; however, Lorraine saw the entire argument as a way to eliminate her problem.

The villainess took Anne’s stun gun and followed Dwayne to Anne’s apartment, entering easily because of the lock being faulty. After entering, the evil Lorraine used the stun gun on Dwayne, and then smashed a flower pot on his head, killing him instantly. She also regained possession of her prized belt buckle, which she had given to Dwayne as part of his blackmail payments.

Later, when Matlock and Conrad were at the bar where Anne worked, Lorraine took notice of them and asked Conrad about Matlock. Matlock said he was defending Anne for the murder of Dwayne. When he said he heard Lorraine used to date Dwayne, Lorraine replied, “Me and half the women here. Went through us one by one — the big stud servicing his herd.”

However, drawings made by Jimmy Johnson (Anne's 11-year-old son) gave Lorraine away as the killer, as one showed Lorraine with her belt buckle, while another had Dwayne with the buckle. The drawings were shown by Matlock as evidence while cross-examining Lorraine, who denied killing Dwayne and also denied that he had the buckle at all. Matlock revealed that Dwayne wore the belt buckle right before he was murdered; as he had slept with yet another woman (who was in attendance) that morning before he returned to Anne's apartment. Lorraine was later arrested for her role in the gas station robbery and for Dwayne's murder (off-screen).

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