Lorena Pratx

The evil Lorena Pratx

Lorena Pratx is the villainess of "Murder, He Wrote", case #44 of Criminal Case: Save the World, the 3rd season of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date August 11, 2016). She was a librarian at the Biblioteca Gran Adán in Argentina was approached by the player and Michelle Zuria regarding the murder of author Ernesto Cárpena, who was found stabbed to death in the library.

While Lorena initially appeared to be a mild-mannered librarian, this was ultimately shown to be a facade to hide her nefarious heel persona. In actuality, Lorena was a member of the international terrorist organization SOMBRA who had been tasked by the group to find out what Ernesto had found out about the SOMBRA document cache he had stumbled across in the mountains.

To get the information, the evil Lorena knocked Ernesto out with a book before tying him up and torturing him by burning him with cigarettes, later stabbing him 23 times once he gave up the information she wanted. Lorena cut herself on the metal edges of the book while incapacitating Ernesto, with her blood type of O+ being among other clues leading to her villainous reveal. In interrogation, Lorena initially continued to feign innocence before taking off her glasses and revealing her true persona as a SOMBRA agent, fully confessing to killing Ernesto to get information on the cache he found and declaring that SOMBRA was "the future". After refusing to reveal where the SOMBRA documents were, Lorena was arrested and put on trial, where she told judge Nigel Adaku that her murder of Ernesto was simply her doing her job. A shocked Adaku eventually sentenced Lorena to forty years in prison, with Lorena claiming that the social order would eventually crumble and that no prison could hold her then.

Quotes Edit

  • "It was Cárpena's own fault I had to kill him! He wouldn't stop digging into the "treasure"... and so he crossed SOMBRA! (Michelle Zuria: "So you knew the cache on the mountain was SOMBRA's! You must be one of their agents!") So what? I'm not ashamed. SOMBRA is the future of this world. It's you who's living in the past." (Lorena's confession to murdering Ernesto Cárpena, as well as revealing her allegiance to SOMBRA)
  • "I'm not worried! Your whole social order will crumble before long, and then no prison will hold me!" (Lorena's boastful claim after her sentencing)


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