Maud Adams as Lola Pagola

Lola Pagola (Maud Adams) is the main antagonist in the 1987 British campy comedy "Jane and the Lost City", based on the wartime UK comic strip that Churchill wanted banned because it was so racy.  It is a comedy farce that might be called Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Hogan's Heroes.

Heroine Jane (Kirsten Hughes) and her bumbling British cohorts go to Africa, aided by hero Jungle Jack (Sam Jones), to race the equally bumbling Nazis, led by Nazi spy Lola Pagola (Maud Adams) to find an ancient treasure.

Lola is considered Hitler's most dangerous agent at S.S. Headquarters.  However, she has to constantly cope with her inept Nazi minions.

Jane constantly loses her clothes at the most inopportune time, though there are only a few glimpses of lingerie. 

Maud Adams Jane of Jungle
In one scene aboard a plane, Lola and Jane tussle in a very erotic catfight, in which Lola shows a nice view of her long legs covered with thigh high stockings.  Lola gets control of the situation, and has a gun pulled on Jane as she faces away from the opening of the plane.  However, one of her henchmen grabs her ankles and pulls her out of the plane, and it appears that Lola is toast.  A satisfied grin appears on Jane's face as she feels she has defeated the evil Lola.  However, Lola happens to be wearing a parachute and she survives the fall.

When the movie ends, the Nazis are defeated, but Lola pops up again, still attempting to get her paws on the huge diamond.


  • The character of Lola Pagola was played by Suzanne Danielle in the 1982 British comedy "Jane".


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