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Lois (Tara Slone) is a minor antagonist in the 1997 film "Night of the Demons III".

Lois is a member of a group of hoodlums, that consists of her boyfriend Vince (Kristen Holden-Ried), Nick (Gregory Calpakis), Orson (Christian Tessler), and Reggie (Joel Gordon).

Lois has a smart mouth, is violent, and promiscuous.  For some reason, Lois wears a snake sock puppet on her left hand, which she uses to annoy her friends.

Vince and the other hoodlums pick up Holly (Stephanie Bauder) and Abbie (Patricia Rodriguez) on the side of the road, who have had some car trouble.  They make a stop at a Quick Mart so Vince can grab some smokes and beers.  However, when Reggie's fake ID doesn't work, the cashier goes for his shotgun under the counter.  Vince grabs the gun, just as a pair of cops come in.  Vince ends up shooting one of the cops, and the other cop shoots Reggie.

The group drives off in the van, and all Lois can say, is how cool it all is.  It is Lois who suggests they hide out at the old funeral home, Hull House.  Abbie fills them in on the history of the place, and its possession.  However, Vince doesn't believe in ghosts and decides to shoot the walls up to get their attention.

The demon of Angela Franklin (Amelia Kincade) appears to the group.  The group begins to explore the place, and Vince, Lois, and Nick head upstairs to check things out, while Orson stays with the rest downstairs to watch Angela.

Vince and Lois sneak off and get naked on the second floor landing.  Meanwhile Abbie is seduced by Angela and becomes a demonic version of her cat costume.

Later Vince and possessed Abbie get it on, much to the disatisfaction of Lois.  Lois confronts Abbie, who slaps her and calls her an alley cat hoar.  However, Abbie retaliates by scratching her with her cat claws.  Lois runs from the cat, and right into the waiting arms of Angela, who declares she's a snake.  Since Lois is still wearing her snake sock puppet from the start of the movie, it begins to come alive.

Lois runs for the preparation room of the mortuary, where her sock puppet hand gets upgraded to a real snake.  The snake then bites her face off, which is the end of the blonde.


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