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Llyra's father was captured by her mother Rhonda Morris. The two fell in love despite the fact neither one could remain in each other environments and somehow managed to conceive Llyra. Llyra had the abilities of of the lemurian's but lacked their scaled skin and could also breathe air. She also had the ability to change the colour of her skin. When Llyra changed her skin to a Caucasian skin tone she actually believed she was someone else. This seemed to have mentally unbalanced the young girl.

In her later life Llyra would win Lemuria using another of her abilities animal empathy to control a horde of sea-life and lay siege to the city and eventually became its new queen. Her reign was extremely short lived as Namor of Atlantis removed her from the throne and gave King Karthon his throne back. In the battle between Namor and Llyra he mistakenly believed her deceased.

Namor brought Llyra's body back to her mother who quickly realized Llyra was only in a coma and resuscitated her.

Llyra later tried to take over Atlantis. She kidnapped Lady Dorma (betrothed to Namor) and impersonated her and married Namor. By Atlantean law however Dorma was still Namor's wife not Llyra and she fled. She then killed the real Dorma.

Llyra has since tried repeatedly to conquer Atlantis using other schemes allying herself with Namor's cousin Byrrah, Tiger Shark, Gerald Lymondo, the deviant Ghaur and even the Frightful Four.

Llyra would be imprisoned by the Atlanteans and during the Atlantis rising storyline be left to die in a dungeon by her son Llyron and Namor. Considering the amount of times Llyra has managed to escape death its unlikely that she is dead.

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