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Liz is an antagonist in the webcomics "Sex and Candy" and  "Death P☆rn" by El Cid.

Sex and Candy[edit | edit source]

Liz is a henchwoman for a criminal named Ray-Ray, who main protagonists Carmen and Angie owe money to. Liz manages to apprehend the two and plans to help kill them by force-feeding them gasoline in front of her boss's eyes. Due to an unexpected intervention from another gang, however, several of Ray Ray's other thugs are killed. An angry Liz says that Carmen and Angie will have to replace the two dead henchwomen, but they blow her off and go to attend to Toya instead.

Death P☆rn[edit | edit source]

In the sequel, Liz works for Madame Poppycock as both her right-hand woman and as the leader of her henchwomen. Like many other villainesses in the story, she has a very sadistic personality, and greatly enjoys torturing and killing Poppycock's slaves. She is ultimately beaten and killed by Carmen near the climax of the story.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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