Lisa Knight

Villainous con artist Lisa Knight

Lisa Knight aka Emma Michaeltree (Lara Jean Chorostecki) was the hidden villainess of "The Return of the Grievous Angel", episode 1.02 of Republic of Doyle (airdate January 13, 2010). She was a woman who approached Jake Doyle, claiming to be Emma Michaeltree and that she was trying to track down her father. Emma provided Jake with an old photograph of her father, with the man being identified as Victor Beerman. When Jake and his father Malachy approached Victor and he denied being Emma's father, Jake later consoled Emma and gave her Victor's address and number, with Emma thanking him and giving him a check for his services.

But later on, the Doyles became suspicious of Emma when it was revealed that her check to them bounced and that her identity was that of a woman who had gotten her purse stolen. Later, Jake confronted a man who had been following him and Malachy around, who revealed Emma's true identity as Lisa Knight. He also claimed he was her boyfriend, Bill Gorsky, and that Lisa had only resorted to identity theft after losing her job.

Lisa was later found bludgeoned to death in the trunk of her rental car, and was revealed posthumously as a greedy con artist. In 1984, Bill Gorsky (who was really Lisa's father rather than her boyfriend) had worked with Victor to rob a young woman's family, with the woman being killed in the process. Bill was arrested while Victor took the money and fled, and years later, Lisa decided to blackmail Victor as revenge for letting Bill take the fall for their crime. But after being paid off by Victor, Lisa was confronted by Victor's teenage son Keith, who initially believed Lisa to be his sister. But in response, the evil Lisa revealed the truth to Keith and bragged about how she still intended to turn Victor into the police despite him fulfilling her demand. In response, an enraged Keith killed Lisa by bludgeoning her to death with his skateboard after she refused to give Keith the evidence she had of Victor's involvement in the robbery.

Trivia Edit

  • Lara Jean Chorostecki later recurred on Designated Survivor as the evil Beth MacLeish.


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