Lindo (リンド) is a surprise villainess in the 1996 sci-fi horror hentai animation "Alien from the Darkness", aka. "Inju Alien" (淫獣エイリアン), which takes inspiration from films like "Alien" and "Alien Intruder".

Lindo is a member of the all-female crew aboard the spaceship Muze. Their mission is to locate a lifeless ship named "Zogne" which has been drifting in space. Aboard this latter ship, the crew discovers three things: a banned and dangerous drug called "Metrogria", an array of male and female corpses - the latter, each covered in a strange green goo, and a mysterious nude young woman named Flair Mytomeyer, found inside of a sleep chamber. Lindo pretends to be inexperienced, squeamish, and cowardly here; a great contrast to her true nature. After one of the crewmembers, Annie, is killed, the remaining women return to the Muze, taking Flair with them. Lindo tells the captain that she wants to go back to look for survivors, claiming herself to be a "humanist", but it is decided that the Zogne will be destroyed due to the danger it poses.

One by one, more crewmembers are killed, until only three remain alive. It is here when protagonist, Hikari, and her sister, Yuri, discover that these atrocities were committed by Flair, who is actually a terrible alien disguised as a human. While searching the ship, the two siblings eventually run across Lindo, who immediately draws a gun on them upon being discovered. At first they believe that she has been tainted by the alien as well, but Lindo quickly reveals that she smuggled some of the Metrogria dr on board, with plans of selling it on the black market. She goes on to say that this was her original intent all along, and that she planned to murder everyone aboard the ship to achieve it. When Hikari and Yuri try to warn her about Flair, Lindo doesn't believe them, but states that even if it is true, all the better, as it would save her the hassle of getting rid of everyone herself. It is then that the alien appears behind Lindo, violates her, and kills her.

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