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The evil Linda Evans

Linda Evans
is the malevolent protagonist of the 1984 Italian horror fumetto "Stregoneria #9: L'arcano "potere"".

Linda Evans is a twentieth century translator living in Manhattan. One day, her boss calls and tells her that he's found a book written by a French author which theorizes to have found the true identity of Jack the Ripper. A closet sadist and obsessed with serial killers, Linda is more than ecstatic to take on her newest assignment. Using a typewriter recently given to her on her birthday by her female lover, Linda begins to translate the book. What she does not initially realize, however, is that after typing only a couple sentences, the typewriter has managed to mysteriously transport her back to the year 1888. Once figuring out what happened, Linda also determines that she has been placed in the home of Albert Milton - the very man that the French book identified as Jack the Ripper.

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Stealthily, Linda trails the man at nightfall as he exits the home and makes his way out into the city. Finding a good hiding spot, she then watches with glee as Milton discovers a drunk couple fornicating in an alley. ​However, Milton doesn't kill the couple at all, but rather, simply masturbates voyeuristically. Enraged that the iconic criminal who she idolized is nothing but a fraud, she kills him and dumps his corpse into the river. It is then that a fantastic idea hits her. With her knowledge of serial killers, she could easily slip into the role of Jack the Ripper herself. She first robs a nearby harlot for her clothes.
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Posing as a harmless prostitute, Linda has sex with random men and butchers them horribly, along with succeeding where her mentor had failed in regard to an unsuspecting amorous couple. All is looking great for Linda until a stranger visits her new abode: The real Jack the Ripper. 
Despite being very impressed with Linda's ruthless skills, a golden opportunity is still a golden opportunity for 'ol Jack. He then proceeds to slaughter her.
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