Liliana Davis

The evil Liliana Davis

Liliana Davis (Ksenia Lauren) is the villainess of "User Bias", episode 1.04 of Wisdom of the Crowd (airdate October 22, 2017). She was the wife of Brandt Davis, the leader of a white nationalist group. The beginning of the episode showed Brandt hosting a rally in protest of San Francisco's status as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, which anti-racism protesters responded to with violence.

Shortly afterwards, Brandt was found shot to death in an alley, with Liliana appearing heartbroken when she arrived at the scene with Brandt's friend and work partner, Caleb Boorman. When interviewed, Liliana defended Brandt and claimed that he was a good person, despite his racist beliefs, and also expressed a belief that he was killed by one of the many outraged protesters at the rally.

But later on, it was discovered that Brandt had arranged for his own death, with Liliana assisting him. Having been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and believing that anti-racism leaders were famous due to being assassinated, Brandt decided to have Liliana shoot him during the rally and make it appear that he was a "martyr" for his cause. Their initial plan failed when peaceful protester Eddie Leyva help Brandt get away from the chaotic rally. Afterwards, Liliana picked Brandt up and drove him to the alley to kill him, placing a protester's discarded sign on his body to play into the narrative Brandt wanted.

Liliana was revealed as her husband's killer when footage was found of her driving with Brandt in their van and then driving alone shortly after his death, contradicting her claims to have gone back to their hotel room after the rally and didn't see Brandt for the rest of the night. When confronted, Liliana continued to deny killing her husband, but was offered a deal by detectives Tommy Cavanaugh and Elena Ruiz if she confessed that Brandt arranged for her to kill him. But despite that, the evil Liliana refused to agree, adamant on allowing Brandt to be viewed as a martyr for his group's cause and fully revealing that she shared her husband's racist ideology. With that, Liliana was handcuffed and placed under arrest.

Trivia Edit

  • Liliana Davis was Wisdom of the Crowd's first one-shot villainess.
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