Leslie Lenox

The evil Leslie Lenox

Leslie Lenox (Fay Spain; 1932-1983) was the main villainess from "The Last Dark Step," episode 4.19 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (airdate February 8, 1959). She was a novelist and the illicit girlfriend of Brad Turner, who was engaged to entrepreneur Janice Wright.

Brad visited Leslie after his date with Janice, and it was there that Brad announced his intention to marry Janice. Leslie responded by obsessively asking for Janice's name and her physical features, while ominously stating that she would do whatever it took to keep Brad all to herself. Brad managed to appease Leslie, but on the following day, the evil Leslie entered Janice's home and killed her; stabbing Janice to death with Brad's knife.

After killing Janice, Leslie went to the beach with Brad, who was unaware of Leslie's villainous actions. Once they ran into the water, the couple embraced each other and kissed, which was later followed by Brad drowning Leslie. However, Leslie's evil plan was successful, as Brad arrived at the home and ended up charged and arrested for killing Janice, as Leslie was attempting to set up Brad for the murder.


  • Fay Spain later played Nazi villainess North Star on Hogan's Heroes.
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