Leslie Andler

The evil Leslie Andler

Leslie Andler (Patti D'Arbanville) is a villainess from "Hit, Run, and Homicide," episode 1.07 of Murder, She Wrote (airdate November 25, 1984). She is the wife of Tony Holiday, who was the nephew of inventor Daniel O'Brian.

Daniel was also a pawn and attempted scapegoat in a lucrative plot masterminded by his former employer, Charles Woodley--with Leslie as a villainous conspirator. The scheme centered on gaining sole possession of Daniel's security screen, which Daniel invented a decade prior, but was now worth millions in the episode's events. Their plan involved killing Woodley's business partner, Dean Merrill, with another of Daniel's inventions: a remote-controlled car, and in the beginning of the episode, Leslie sent the car after Woodley, which resulted in Woodley being hospitalized. This was done to give Woodley a solid alibi, as while he was laid up, the evil Leslie killed Merrill with the car. When Jessica Fletcher began investigating, Leslie made a failed attempt to eliminate her, using the same car.

Daniel did end up suspected and taken to holding, as his bitterness towards Woodley (for firing him) served as a motive. However, after witnessing Ethan Cragg playing a video game that involved driving a car, Jessica realized who the true culprit was, and later enlisted Ethan to send the car after Woodley to trap Leslie. The ruse works, as Leslle went to the van in an attempt to stop the car, unaware that Ethan was in control. After being caught, Leslie attempted to deny everything with her claim that she was on a trip to Portland, only for Jessica to reveal that she never made the trip. The villainess later claimed that she changed her mind, with Tony later finding holes in his wicked wife's story, which officially revealed that he had knowledge of Leslie's evil actions.

At that moment, Woodley warned Leslie to keep quiet, but Leslie responded that she would not go down alone for their actions. Both Woodley and Leslie were arrested (off-screen), and in the final scenes, Jessica revealed their entire scheme, which would have resulted in Leslie controlling Tony after he inherited his uncle's wealth.

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