Cheap Lara Croft

Lara (Alison King) is an assasin in 2006 German American action film Final Contract:Death on Delivery.


David is in love with Jenny, a girl he works with at a courier company. But he can't bring himself to tell her. He doesn't have much time left; Jenny is packed to leave for Barcelona. So David decides to tell her how he feels over a candle lit dinner..but things don't go to plan. On his last delivery run of the day, the gorgeous Lara suddenly jumos into David's car-and the next thing he knows, he's dodging bullets. Lara, on a mission for the BKA, is hunting a notorious professional killer. With David's help, she makes it to safety and she thanks him by spending the night with him....with dangerous consequences. David wakes next morning to find himself on the BKA's Most Wanted list.


Mysterious girl Lara jumps into David's car.

Rising ActionEdit

David gets framed for murder. 


Lara threatens to kill Jenny if David doesn't shoot the girl at the court case. 


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