Lana Lamour (Melleny Brown) is a villainess who appears in a 1983 episode of the Inspector Gadget cartoon series called “Movie Set”. She is a movie actress who is secretly a M.A.D agent working for Dr Claw. Along with the other M.A.D agents she uses the film set as a cover so they can film a nearby military base.

When Inspector Gadget turns up on the film set, Lana thinks she can use her charms to distract him from the plan. She invites him back to her trailer for some cocoa. Eager to get back to the trailer, Gadget uses his extendable arms to take them back to the trailer, but does it too quickly. This ends up with Lana wedged in her trailer door, with her heels dangling off her feet.

Whilst inside her trailer, Lana tries to spike Gadget’s drink. However, before he drinks it, he tries to show Lana all of his gadgets. Unfortunately for Lana, Gadget accidently uses the gadgets to humiliate Lana. It starts with the Gadget hand hitting her on the side of the arm. Next, the Gadget whistle is blown in her face. Before Lana can regain her senses, Gadget spins around on the floor on his skis. They catch the back of Lana’s heels, and sends her up in the air, before she crashes onto the floor. Whilst Gadget is searching for a spoon, a mallet comes out of his hat and hits Lana on the head and knocks her out.

In a final attempt to take care of Gadget, she has the scenery rigged so that Gadget will fall into a set of spikes. However, he expands his inflatable jacket and crashes into Lana and the other M.A.D agents. The police turn up and take Lana and the gang into custody. lana threatened penny with i'll take that dam watch of your's penny and then you'll be no more

Trivia Edit

  • Melleny Brown also voiced Inspector Gadget villainess Angelique.


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