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Lana (Martine Beswick) is a mob boss in the 1987 episode "The Color of Hammer" for the TV series "Sledge Hammer!".

Lana first appears when she hustles a game of pool with a hard-line judge.  When the judge fails to pay up, she blackmails him.  Later she appears at his home, seduces and then kills him by stabbing him in the back.

Sledge Hammer and his partner Dori Doreau find blue chalk under the judge's fingernails and a matchbook from "Cues 'R' Us" in his pocket.  They deduce that he may have been hustled and blackmailed, so they go to the establishment with the hope that the hustler will appear.  

Lana challenges Sledge to a game and after winning the first one, proceeds to lose $50,000.  Lana pulls out a stelleto from her cue stick with the intention of killing Sledge.  After climbing up on the pool table, Lana is defeated by the cue ball that Sledge shoots at her.  Lana trips on the ball and knocks herself out when she lands on her back.

She is led away by the police along with her henchmen.


  • Martine Beswick appeared in the 1965 movie "Thunderball", as James Bond's contact in the Bahamas, Paula Caplan. In this movie, she was kidnapped by Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi), and later committed suicide by taking cyanide so she couldn't reveal anything to the SPECTRE agents.
  • Martine Beswick appeared as Nupondi in the 1966 fantasy film, "One Million Years B.C.".
  • Martine Beswick appeared as Sister Hyde in the 1971 horror film, "Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde".
  • Martine Beswick appeared as the Queen of Evil in the 1974 horror film, "Seizure!".
  • Martine Beswick later portrayed the amazon Queen Kari in the 1967 film, "Prehistoric Women". 


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