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Lady Pervertvm (Helena Lecumberri) is the villainess of the 2006 Spanish film Star Troopers, which is also known as The Baron Against the Demons. This is a sequel to the 1996 film Exorcio Deus Machine: La Misión, in which Lady Pervertvm (Doña Pervertvm) also appeared.

Story[edit | edit source]

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In the closing stages of the 21st Century, an enigmatic warrior known as the Baron, leads a crusade that the religious organization Exorcio Deus Machine is conducting against the forces of Evil. At the same time, Lady Pervertvm is a witch or sorceress who reigns at the Earth's core. Her monster hordes have destroyed Europe.

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During an extermination mission, the Baron is taken prisoner by the evil Lady Pervertvm and is tortured until she gets his sperm seed. In the process, we are witness to a leather clad dominatrix with gigantic knockers. We learn that she has been birthed by a hermaphroditic stick monster. The torture takes place in her lair called Pandemonium, which to space Catholics is apparently located in the Perfidia Caverns below Inverness.

Lady Pervertvm is dressed in a skin tight leather bikini with skimpy straps and a massive brass bra that looks like it was crafted from a couple of missiles. On the top of her head was the curled horns like a ram. She is the mistress and slave of Ragnarok. She is in possession of an army of midget android clowns.

Lady Pervertvm uses the Baron's seminal fluid to fertilize the Beast-Ragnarok in order to have it engender the most powerful and ultimate race of demons. The Baron manages to escape but, blinded by his guilt, he begins a bloody Via Crucis which will start to reveal his true nature.

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