Lady Peinforte was a villainess on a 1988 episode of Dr Who: "Silver Nemesis".


She was a 17th century [1638] noblewoman who was also a witch who after traveling 300 years in the future [1988] was after a statue called "Nemesis" which when completed with bow and arrow always resulted in chaos [she had made the statue herself out of a outer space metal]; in a complex story involving Dr Who; his assistant Ace; a group of new-Nazis; an English royal castle; and a near invasion of earth by the robotic cybermen the upstart is that the statue is about to be shot into outer space so the robots can use it to invade earth; Lady Peinforte goes mad at the thought of losing the "Nemesis" statute and throws herself into the metal and becomes one with it. The statue is received by the robots-however it self-destructs and destroys their invasion fleet.


The statue always is hidden for 25 years and when it turns up:
1913 [World War I breaks out 1914 ].
1938 [World War II breaks out 1939]
1963 [Death of President Kennedy]

  • THis was the "Silver anniversary" episode of the Dr Who series[!]


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