Lady Doom is the seductive main antagonist in the 1952 comic ‘Tim Holt #30’, appearing in the story ‘Lady Doom and The Death Wheel.

Lady Doom is a very beautiful, devious redhead and a trick-shot artist and knife-thrower by day, and the spinner of the death wheel by night. This comic is available to read for free on the website comic book plus. The actor Tim Holt is secretly the hero known as Redmask.

Lady Doom rides into town, and starts the nightly spinning of the Death Wheel, where people spin to see their fate. At first, people see it as a joke but soon many predictions come true; some get what they want but others are killed. Lady Doom is shown to have an active hand in their deaths.

At some point in time, Lady Doom’s caravan breaks down on the road, and some men pass by. She gets them to bring her to the nearest town. One she is there, she starts placing bets on how Redmask will die! The news soon gets to Redmask, who rides down to confront her.

However, Lady Doom is waiting for him. With her rifle, she shoots at him, sending him off his horse where he lies unconscious on the ground. Her evil scheme is coming together...

Redmask awakens bound and gagged in front of an audience. There, they place bets on how he will die. Lady Doom spins the Death Wheel, and it lands inbetween water and rop. This means that he will die by both ways. The sultry villainess brings her captive, with the help of her sadistic audience, to a convoluted machine that ensures that Redmask will both drown and hang. However, he escapes.

Lady Doom, along with her accomplices, is shocked that he has escaped, and her men attack him while she attempts to escape. Once Redmask has defeated them, he catches up to Lady Doom, whose horse throws her off his back! Struggling up, Lady Doom slips on her coins and falls off the cliff to her inevitable death on the rocks below.

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