Lady Deathstrike
Real Name Yuriko Oyama
Alternate Identity Lady Deathstrike
Powers and Abilities Adamantium bonded skeleton
Team Affiliations Reavers
Allies X-Men
Family and Friends Wolverine (Former Lover)
Lady Deathstrike.

Lady Deathstrike, who was once Yuriko Oyama, is a member of the Reavers.

BiographyEdit Edit

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Lady Deathstrike once shared a romantic past with Wolverine, but she seeks to kill him in revenge for the death of her father, Professor Oyama, one of the heads of Weapon X, at the hands of Logan. She blamed Logan for the death of her father so she underwent a procedure to bond adamantium to her skeleton making her a cyborg. She joined fellow cyborgs and led them as part of the Reavers. They went into the sewers of New York City and captured the Morlocks. They found an old Shi'ar spaceship and broke in. However, it released an alien prisoner that attacked them all. Logan and the X-Men arrived and saved them all. Yuriko thanked Logan by deciding to leave him alone.

PowersEdit Edit

Yuriko's body is laced with adamantium. This gives her long claw like fingers.

BackgroundEdit Edit

Deathstrike is voiced by Tasha Simms.

The producers combined Deathstrike with Mariko Yashida, who had a romantic relationship with Logan.

In the ComicsEdit Edit

Deathstrike had no relationship with him prior to her transformation. She simply sought the death of the man who she felt stole her father's adamantium. She left him alone after Magneto ripped the adamantium from his bones, though he got it back thanks to Apocalypse.

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