Lady Bellina is a supporting antagonist in the series of book entitled ‘The Elenium,’ which ran from 1989 to 1991. She is one of Azash’s slaves.

Lady Bellina was originally a middle-aged, plain woman who heard that going to a ritual of Azash would restore her youth. THIS IS NOT A FREUDIAN EXCUSE BECAUSE SHE KNEW OF THE CONSEQUENCES!!! There, she devoted her soul to Azash and became a beautiful-but-evil dominatrix demon. Sparhawk and Sephrenia see her as a middle-aged woman in the first book with her bodyguard walking to Azash’s temple and later as a rejuvenated woman sluttishly showing her boobs off everywhere.

Bellina secretly started a dungeon where she kidnapped serfs and tortured them with various tools, even eating bits of them while they were alive! This was discovered by her brother and she was confined and locked in a secret room, although she could escape in spirit and touch people, even kissing them in their sleep! Bellina’s touch will cause a man to fall in love with her, doing any means necessary to save her! This passes on to the next person that person touches! Sir Bevier, an Arcian Knight, is touched by an infected man and becomes obsessive with freeing the fair Bellina.

Sephrenia and Sparhawk discover her in Bevier’s room kissing him while he is sleeping. They go and warn the others. Sephrenia reveals that Bellina has been turned into a succubus! They manage to free Bevier from Bellina’s grasp by showing them her brothers memories and everything she did in the dungeon. Down in the dungeon they break Bellina’s idol of Azash and her power is lost. Bellina is back to her former self, although she is now completely insane. They trap her behind a wall with a slot to push food through. They plan to keep her there for the rest of her life.

However, it is revealed that the bodyguard poisoned Bellina out of pity as he saw through the slot that she was in a great deal of pain. He then burned her body and became a monk.

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