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Kym (Raye Hollitt) is a secondary antagonist in the 1996 sexploitation film "Day of the Warrior".

Kym is a henchwoman for the Warrior's smuggling gang, run by Manuel (Rodrigo Obregon). 

At the beginning of the film, Doc (Kevin Light) infiltrates the gang and brings a betrayer to Manuel.  After a short interrogation, Kym runs out of patience, and a takes Manuel's gun and shoots the betrayer.  Later, she pulls out a shotgun and shoots a spotted owl. Manuel makes the comment, that the owl is a protected and endangered species.  Kym is unimpressed.

Kym has sex with Warrior (Marcus "Buff" Bagwell), the real leader of the ring.

Kym and Cobra (Julie K. Smith) engage in a catfight at the end of the film, and she is knocked out in a single punch.  She is led away and taken into custody.


  • Raye Hollitt appeared as gladiator Zap from 1989-1995 in the TV series "American Gladiators".
  • Hollitt also played evil henchgirl Adler in The Last Hour (1991).


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