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The evil Kristina

Kristina (Kristina Rumsey) is the villainess of Faces, a 15-second horror film released on October 24, 2016. The film opened with Kristina and her unnamed friend sitting on the couch together, with Kristina's friend asking if she wanted to see a "scary face".

After showing off a scary face, Kristina praised her expression as "creepy" before making a scary for her own. But when she did, Kristina's face suddenly morphed into a disturbing face, with her eyes turning black and her teeth becoming sharp. Disturbed by her friend's "scary face", Kristina's terrified friend begged her to stop before running to turn on the lights, only to turn back around to find Kristina was gone. As she looked around for Kristina, the blonde looked up to find her demonic friend had scaled the wall and transformed into her full monsterous form, presumably being killed by the evil Kristina off-screen.



FACES - 15 Second Horror Film Challenge 2016