Kristel (Caroline Goodall) is the beautiful henchwoman in the 1993 action film ‘Cliffhanger’. She is Quallen’s lover and pilot.

Kristel first appears when her criminal comrades mess up the hijacking where they hope to get 100 million! Kristel is the pilot, and she is attempting to help them get away. However, one of the agents in the other plane survived, and sprays the villain’s plane with bullets! The hijacked plane explodes, killing any survivors, and the villain’s plane crashlands. Unluckily for the heroes, everyone survives.

Next, Kristel fakes a distress signal so guides would help them around the mountains. She pretends she and her crew are in grave danger and the mountain rest need to come quickly. Two people do; Gabe and Hal. Quallen sends Gabe up the top of the mountain to get one of the boxes of money and tries to kill him by getting a henchman to shoot up. This starts an avalanche! That particular henchman dies, while Quallen shows a sign of affection to Kristel by protecting her of sorts when the avalanche crashes down.

Next, they go looking for the next box of money, but Gabe and his girlfriend Jessie have already got there! Kristel holds a gun to Hal’s head while on of her team goes looking. Two of Gabe and hal’s friends arriv, and Kristel watches as Quallen guns one of them down. Hal is angry as they were just kids, and when he speaks angrily to Quallen she hits him with her gun.

Next, the villain’s realise that Hal and Jessie are in a cave underneath them. Quallen dispatches Kristel to create a bomb to blow them up. A small scene arrives where Quallen and Kristel are flirting, presumably talking about their future together. However, Hal manages to warn Gabe and Jessie and, after dispatching a henchman, they escape.

Kristel pretends she is injured to fool the elderly member of the Mountain Rescue Team. When he gets close, she pulls a gun on him. However she didn’t want to kill him; she just wanted another hostage. One of her teammates shoots him, spraying blood over her pretty face, and she lectures them angrily.

Kristel’s final scene is with the remaining criminals. The rogue CIA agent pulls a gun on his fellow criminals, meaning that he wants to escape out of here. However Quallen (Who is also qualified as a pilot, unbeknownst to others) does not want to share the money with anyone, and plans to escape when they all die. So that means killing his beautiful girlfriend. He restrains her, and whispers into her ear: ‘Do you know what true love is, Kristel? Sacrifice’. With that he shoots her, leaving her corpse where it lay.

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