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Knife Terrorist

Knife Terrorist is a female enemy from the Target: Terror game.

She had blonde hair and wore a black tank top and jeans along with sunglasses. Her weapon is a large knife which she uses to attack the player. She appears three times throughout the game, only to be shot to death each time.

Her first appearance is in Level 6, where she attempts to stab the player on a cargo ship. She later appears in Level 9 where she once again attempts to stab the player, this time in a nuclear power plant. She appears one last time in the secret level aboard a hijacked airplane.

Trivia Edit

  • Her actress also happens to play both Shotgun Terrorist and Baseball Bat Terrorist.
  • Besides Fighting Terrorist, she is the only other female enemy in the game that could attack the player with a melee attack.
  • When shot to death, her bare stomach is exposed under her tank top.
  • Fans of the game have referred to her as "Tanya Knife".

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