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Kit (Meghan Ory) is an assassin in the 2008 Canadian comedy film Blonde and Blonder.

Kit is a female assasin assistant to Cat  (Emmanuelle Vaugier), and the two work for the Vancouver Italian Godfather.  They are first sent to knock off Lou Rimoli, a former mafia member.  Cat performs a dance wearing leather on the top of his desk, before snapping his neck.  Rimoli is murdered just prior to the dance auditions of Dee Twiddle and Dawn St. Dom.  As a result, Dee and Dawn are mistaken for the infamous assassins Cat and Kit. They are then sent to kill Hang Wong, the head of the Triads.  However, Dee and Dawn have assumed their identity, and have been hired for the job.   Cat and Kit are eventually arrested by federal agents and police while spying on Dawn and Dee.  They are taken into custody.


She is a skilled assassin able to take down men. She fights by hand or with small weapons like knives.

Trivia Edit

  • Meghan Ory appeared as Alex in the 2004 sci-fi/horror film Decoys.
  • Meghan Ory appeared as Sally in the 2012 episode "Adventures in Babysitting" for the TV series Supernatural.


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