The evil Kidnap Nurse

The Kidnap Nurse is a henchwoman from the 2003 Jackie Chan movie The Medallion. She is played by Nikki Berwick.

In this movie, a chosen child has a magical medallion which gives superpower to its holder. Jackie Chan is protecting the child. In a hospitals the badguy Snakehead's henchmen try to kidnap the child. One henchwoman dresses as nurse and takes the child away. Jackie wonders about her boots and tells his partner about them. The partner just understands boobs and shows that he appreciates them too. Jackie says that nurses don't wear boots. They follow her and get attacked by her and the other henchmen. They can save the child but he got kidnapped later anyway. When the good guys attack Snakehead's headquarter, a designated girl fight between the henchwoman and the female cop Nicole James (played by Claire Forlani) occur. Before they start fighting the sound of hissing cats is heard to hint the upcoming catfight. The two women have a tough martial arts fight with many kicks at each other. It looks like an even fight until Nicole lands a triple combination on the henchwoman. Nicole punches the henchwoman in the face what lets her belly top open for a kick in the belly. The henchwoman bends over and get such a strong kick in her face that she backflips in the air and falls into an abyss. She is last seen dead on the ground.

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