Kelly Speltz

Evil scientist Kelly Speltz

Kelly Speltz is a villainess from "The Secret Experiments", case #21 of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date March 15, 2013). She was a scientist infamous for conducting illegal experiments, including her creation of a two-headed goat.

Kelly Speltz was considered a suspect in the death of journalist Rachel Priest, who had been investigating the military for their creation of a potentially deadly serum capable of turning soldiers abnormally large and strong. When initially questioned by the player and detective David Jones, Kelly denied creating the serum and boasted that people like Rachel didn't see the importance in her illegal work.

But later on, a formula for the serum was found in the laboratory where Rachel's skeleton was found, with Kelly's initials on the paper revealing her as the serum's creator. Kelly eventually confessed to creating the serum, and while she adamantly denied using the drug on Rachel, the callous scientist stated that she'd wished she had been present to see her serum's adverse effects on Rachel.

While Kelly was ultimately proven innocent in Rachel's murder, it was later discovered that she was believed to be illegally experimenting on chimps. While Kelly denied the accusation, the player and David found hairs on a lab coat in Kelly's lab that were identified as chimp hairs. With this, Kelly was arrested by David, and expressed callous indifference to the lives of her animal test subjects as she was placed under arrest.

Quotes Edit

  • "People don't recognize my genius often enough. They call my work inhumane and try to have me shut down. Such as that rotten reporter, Rachel Priest. She even tried to have me stop experimenting on animals! I don't even know what she's talking about: my latest guard dog has survived every single experiment so far. No, people like Rachel don't realize I'm doing the work of God: I'm trying to create a new, better, stronger humanity!" (Kelly's insane rationalization for her cruel work and rant against Rachel Priest)
  • "You can't arrest me, I'm doing the work of God! What are a few chimps' lives if I can save thousands of human lives?!" (Kelly's callous words as she is placed under arrest by David Jones)
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