Kayla Markham

Villainous thief Kayla Markham

Kayla Markham was a villainess from "I Lost My Heart in Xerda", case #23 of Criminal Case: The Conspiracy, the 5th season of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date June 21, 2018). She was initially introduced as the victim of the case, having been found in a sacrifical chamber of the unearthed city of Xerda after her heart was carved from her body.

Later on, though, tech expert Cathy Turner revealed that in life, Kayla was a serial tomb robber, with arrest warrants against her in several countries. Kayla's method was to steal artifacts from tombs and sell them to antique shops, and she was doing the same regarding the unearthed ruins of Xerda. Kayla conspired with tour guide Laura Crosby to infilitrate the Xerda ruins, and later sold the ruins to antique shop owner Hazel Galloway, who intended to use the artifacts to improve her business' profits. Laura later revealed that Kayla had promised to split the profits of her theft with her, but never went through with their deal.

Kayla was also revealed as the niece of Ray Parker (the husband of police chief Diane Parker), who revealed that he hadn't had the heart to turn in his niece to the police and tried to convince her to give up her criminal ways. Ultimately, Kayla's murderer was revealed to be Bruno Camper, an archaeologist working on the Xerda dig. When confronted by the player and David Jones, Bruno revealed that Kayla was his ex-wife, them having met and gotten married while Bruno was working on a dig in Egypt (and while Kayla was using the alias Zara Loft). But soon afterwards, the evil Kayla made off with several artifacts, leading to Bruno being fired on suspicion of being involved in the theft. When Bruno saw that Kayla had come to Grimsborough to steal from the Xerda site, the vengeful man attacked and killed Kayla in revenge for ruining his life, knocking her out with chloroform before carving out her heart, which was an ancient Xerdan punishment for traitors.


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