Kawamoto (Highschool of the Dead)

Kawamoto (川本, Kawamoto) is a student from Fujimi Academy and is one of Koichi Shido's followers, though she originally was a part of Takuzo's group.

Biography Edit

During the initial Outbreak at Fujimi, Kawamoto was part of a group of five including herself, Takuzo, Naomi, and two other male students. Though she came onto the minibus with Takashi's group, she sided with Shido and became one of his followers. Her mind becomes twisted and she engages in sexual intercourse with another female follower: Taniuchi. It is implied that she is lesbian or bisexual.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Kawamoto's personality. Given the fact that she does not wear a bra and was seen making love with Taniuchi and Miura, it is possible that she is bisexual. She seems to be the more outgoing and tomboyish of the pair, and also appears to have a girl-crush on Shido given her small blush when Shido hugged her and Taniuchi to calm them when they witnessed some police men killing one of Them. Like her friend, Kawamoto has become quite cruel and mean-spirited due to Shido's corruption, best demonstrated when she laughed at Yamada who was kicked out due to disagreeing with Shido's ideals.

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