Kathryn Scofield

The evil Kathryn Scofield

Kathryn Scofield (Vanessa Angel) is the main villainess from "The Phantom Killer," episode 10.04 of Murder, She Wrote (airdate October 24, 1993). She is a model at Follies Magazine, which is run by Dean Richards, who she was seeing socially.

Kathryn was looking for a more lucrative career in acting, and met with competing producer Harrison Kane, which led to a sexual encounter. She was looking to become the female lead in his latest film, and even withdrew money from her own account to make sure the film got off the ground. However, when Kathryn learned that Kane was insolvent--couldn't pay his debts--she became enraged and planned to kill Kane.

Kathryn entered Kane's hotel room, and hid when she saw him with another actress, Abby Peters. After Abby ran off due to Kane making a pass at her, Kane went into the bathroom and filled his tub. At that moment, the evil Kathryn appeared with a blow dryer in hand and dropped it in the tub, electrocuting Kane to death. 

Kathryn's reveal came when she was caught by Jessica Fletcher and Artie Gelber searching for a magazine she was reading while in Kane's room, which could pinpoint her to the murder. After being caught, Kathryn confessed to killing Kane, doing so boldly while stating that she had no regrets. She was later arrested after her confession.


  • Vanessa Angel appeared as Erica Sharpe in the 2004 film, Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys.
  • Vanessa Angel also appeared as the evil Susan Hastings in 2004 video Vampires:  Out For Blood, and played villainess Susan Grace a year later in Criminal Intent.
  • Vanessa Angel appeared as the evil witch Cassandra Keegan in the 2013 film, Hansel and Gretel:  Warriors of Witchcraft.


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