Katherine Valecross

Katherine Valecross (Beatrice Rosen) is the tertiary antagonist in the 2017 film ‘The Saint’, based on the 1960s series of the same name. She is the gorgeous and young trophy wife of Arnold Valecross and the stepmother of Zooey Valecross. However, Katherine is secretly working for an elusive organisation known as ‘The Brotherhood’. She is also the lover of Rayt Marius, the secondary antagonist of the movie. This film was originally planned as a pilot for a 2013 series which didn’t pick up, and was later released direct-to-video in 2017.

Katherine first appears when her bratty stepdaughter Zooey is on the phone to her father, complaining about Katherine. Katherine and Zooey argue, and Zooey insults her, implying that she is a gold-digger (later proved correct). The beautiful blonde storms back into the house. After she leaves, Zooey is kidnapped by a strange man.

Secretly Katherine has been working behind the scenes with The Brotherhood to ensure her husbands death. Katherine will then inherit all of the money.

After her husbands death, Simon Templar and his lover Patricia Holm come to visit her seeking information. Katherine is in mourning dress and she seems deeply cut up by his death and Zooey’s kidnapping. She tells Templar that she helped reform his husband from his wicked ways, although it is later revealed that she had no part in his change of heart.

Katherine’s reveal comes much later on in the film. Patricia has been captured by Marius and is being held on a yacht where Zooey is also being held. Templar and his nemesis have snuck onto the yacht to rescue Zooey, however the wicked Katherine does not want this. When Zooey’s rescuer is taken out by a guard, the wicked Katherine bares her true venomous self as she ruthlessly and angry holds Zooey at gunpoint, insulting her with pure spite. Katherine takes her to her lover Marius, where Zooey gloats that she always knew how much of a monster Katherine was. During the climax, the beautiful Katherine faces off against the equally beautiful Patricia in a brief catfight, where Katherine is held to the ground. Still struggling, the enraged vamp is eventually pacified with an incapacitating blow to the jaw.

The villainess is last seen being led away to a police car proclaiming that she loves Marius and will free him; however he is currently in an ambulance presumably bleeding to death. She is then placed in the police car and driven away.

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