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Kate Randall (Natalie Hall) was an antagonist in seasons 1, 2, and 5 (2010-2011) for the TV series "Pretty Little Liars".

Kate Randall was the step-sister of Hanna Marin.  Her mother Isabel Randall married Hanna's father, Tom Marin.  

Kate was poised and brought up well.  In season 2, Kate reveals to Hanna that she intends to ake her life miserable, comparing her to a horse whose spirit she would like to break.  However, eventually she slips up in an attempt to hurt Hanna, exposing her true nature.  

Kate was pulled out from Rosewood High when her mother thought she deserved better.  Her step-father agreed to pay her tuition for a private school, instead of Hanna's tuition fees.

Trivia Edit

  • Natalie Hall later appeared as vengeful villainess Chloe Myles on NCIS: New Orleans.


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