The evil Karen Rite

Karen Rite is a villainess from the 1999 episode Mudslide Val (S01 E19) of the Pamela Anderson series V.I.P. She is played by Tammy Tavares.

Karen and her lover are killers for a druglord. In her first scene, she assassinates a plastic surgeon by injecting him with poison, but not before showing him her breasts, which he remarks are not his work (sadly, the audience only gets a flash of sideboob). The doctor was a client of V.I.P. and Karen's next target is another client of V.I.P. The other client hides at a spa. Karens first attemp to kill him is by putting acid in a hot tub, but V.I.P. saved him. Her second attemp is to heat him up in a sauna. She traps him and Valerie in the sauna which causes an alarm. To distract the other V.I.P. members she shoots at them with a machine gun.

When Tasha shoots the machine gun out of her hand, she runs into a solarium with 2 tanning beds. When Nikki follows her, Karen attacks Nikki and tries to trap her in one tanning bed. Nikki kicks her and gets out but Karen now pushes her into the other tanning bed. Then Karen gets a big water bottle from a water dispenser and tries to kill Nikki with it. But Nikki gets out again and pushes her into the first tanning bed. The water in the tanning bed electrocutes Karen. Last we see from her is her twitching body while the tanning bed throws out sparks.

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  • Tammy Tavares later appeared as villainess Agatha in the 2017 web series Two Sentence Horror Stories. 



Evilbabe Villainess Karen Rite

Evilbabe Villainess Karen Rite

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