Karen Himeki (Mikoto Kisaragi, Tae Kitano) is one of the minor villainesses of the hentai video game and anime series Discipline: Record of a Crusade. She was Leona's direct underling who held the position of the vice-president of the so-called Social Club, using it to enjoy variety of strange fetishes, which even Leona found repulsive. Though being one of the antagonists, Karen was mostly polite toward her adversary, never ridiculing them like her leader and cohorts.

Video Game[edit | edit source]

Little was known about Karen's history, except that she joined Leona and served as her right-handed woman in the Social Club, where Leona tasked her and other members with the task of seducing any male students she had brought to the club, as well as collecting their sperms for nefarious purpose.

Karen first met Takuro Hayami, the game's protagonist, when Leona brought him to the Social Club with an intention to have him join them, explaining the club's purpose of "educating young girls into women" to him. As Takuro had learned of Leona's nature from her previous actions, Leona and Karen had Takuro drank tea drugged with aphrodisiac and had their way with him, with Karen showing Takuro of her fetish in consuming food and drink mixed with his fluid, something that the evil Leona found disgusting. Afterward, the girls let Takuro leave the clubroom, but not before informing him that they truly wanting him to join them. The villainesses were soon disappointed that Takuro was adamant in not following their order, and plotted the next step of their plan.

Later, when Saori Otokawa, Takuro's friend and president of Bible Study club, as well as Leona's archnemesis, challenged Leona to a baseball match in order to stop her from demolishing the campus dorm, as well as stopping her from bothering Takuro any further, causing Leona to draft Karen, along with Yuri and Momone Nishizaki, Karen's cohorts and Public Moral Committee members, and Kaoru Ito, Leona's personal pet whom she had ordered to have sex change operation, to join her team in the battle, with a professional baseball player Linda Hamilton serving as their main player. 

Anime[edit | edit source]

In the prequel Discipline Zero, it was revealed that Karen, along with Yuri and Momone, joined Leona as her direct underlings as they were impressed by her dominating attitude when she falsely accused vice-principal Kozo for harassing her. As Leona's right-handed woman, Karen aided her mistress in taking control of the student body and used her position to enjoy various fetishes with her victims. Nevertheless, Karen and the other subordinates were punished by Leona for not following her instruction to recruit more students into their club, and instead kept them for themselves. Toward the end of the prequel, Karen, along with Yuri and Momone, kidnapped students to their club building so Leona could enjoy the coupling spectacle, among them Saori Otokawa, their future antithesis and adversary, though Saori didn't remember this particular event due to being half asleep.

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