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Kalifa in her short black CP9 Organization suit

Kalifa is a villainess from the manga and anime One Piece.

She is a slender woman with long blond hair, blue eyes and glasses.She has long blonde hair. Her eyes are blue, she wears a pair of glasses in front of this. Order on water 7 Kalifa comes with the agent Rob Lucci, Kaku and Blueno to water 7 with the order, are the plans Pluton seek, in Deren's owned her director Spandamschon die arrive for some time. For this purpose infiltrate its agents Lucci and Kaku key positions in water 7 in iceburgs shipbuilders company, dieGalley-La Company, while Kalifa occurred as a consequence assistant. Your abilities and weaknesses Kalifa has forces the foam fruit die. Characterized Can it so much foam produce, as they will. If you someone SO rubbing, is dying person slippery and can not hold a 

weapon or standing more. You can also your bubble so the opponents hurl did dieser his power loses. but This fruit has one problem: You can wash with water effects die. As former members of the Cipher Pol No.9 Kalifa mastered all the basic techniques of Rokushiki.


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