Kalia (El Hazard)

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Kalia is an antagonist from the second OVA of El Hazard. She is a demi-god who's purpose is to control a doomsday device called the "Trigger of Destruction", which is meant to rip through multiple dimensions and destroy everything in its path.

Kalia is ruthlessly evil and unforgiving, describing herself as "built for revenge, sweet revenge”. She has the ability to reflect the powers of her attackers, as well as drain their energy. Throughout the anime, she effortlessly defeats anyone who tries to attack her, seemingly fighting them without any effort at all.

She is finally defeated during a battle between Ifurita and Makoto, when Ifurita drives her electrified staff into Kalia's weak spot on her lower back, causing Kalia to disintegrate from the inside out, melting her down into a harmless white puddle.

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