Justine the devilishly seductive (and dangerous) daughter of Milady de Winter.

Justine de Winter (played by Kim Cattrall) is the main villainess in the movie "The Return of the Musketeers" (1989).

This movie is a sequel of the movies "The Three Musketeers" adapted from the famous novel by the French writer Alexandre Dumas.

As her name suggest Justine is the daughter of the nefarious Milady de Winter killed by the four Musketeers twenty years ago. Unfortunately for them Justine has become an exceptional young woman: intrepid adventurer, very good spy, "une fine lame" (very good with sword) and a devilishly seductress.

Now she returns for revenge she want to kill herself the four assassins of her mother the famous four Musketeers: Athos (aka the Count de la Fère), Porthos, Aramis and d'Artagnan!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

This poor executioner is trapped & hurt but fortunately a nice priest will deliver him from his suffering ...

... simply with a good shot ...

... of large axe!

It's done: the executioner has been ... executed!

Suddenly a horseman arrives & chases the murderer priest immediatly!

The priest flees ...

... and reveals to be an other person!

A duel with swords erupts!

As the battle rages on the murderer is abruptly unmasked and ... WOW!


... the murderer reveals to be an extrem blond beauty!!!

The young gentleman is completly knocked out (and us also!)...

The young gentlemen is totally disoriented by this unexpected dream vision ...

Fierce, proud & tough villainess!!!

... and falls backwards like an idiot!

Immediately disarmed and held in check by the young black leather lady!

She seems rather pleased by this dominant situation ...

I'm all that you want but surely not a priest, pretty boy!

But why have you killed this poor man?

It was one of the five murderers of my mother ...

I will soon slay myself the other four who remain ...

My father will stop you!


Oh ... it seems i'm so lucky today!

I hope he is a little more dangerous than you, pretty twink!

Let me take look ...

The coats of arms your family I presume ...

I am Raoul Viscount of Bragelonne adoptive son of the Count de la Fère!

You have said the Count de la Fère?

So I renders you your sword my Lord!

I wouldn't want to deprive your family of the most precious of her possessions ...

It would be a shame isn't it?

Wait! You can't go like that! You have killed a man!

This man has been killed by a mad priest!

Anyway no one would believe such a story ...

Honestly Raoul, do I look like a criminal?

The unstoppable technical approach: the small caress to the face!

And these leather gloves makes really wanna!

You would still not denounce me, isn't it?

Look into my eyes ...

Now boarding for the flight "Super Dumbass" ... Last call!

O God!!! What a naughty bitch! Did you see that? She has packed him in just three seconds!

It's intolerable! Such an attitude would deserve immediatly a super 'hardest' spanking, right?

But we must be honest: for now Justine appears as the 'Super Evil Babe'! Mission 'executed' and as a bonus she gets the charming boy! What ... a super bitch!

After these adventures in both bloody and erotic Justine returns to the Royal Castle carried in a sedan chair as any courtesan, idle and lazy ...

She plays so well the potiches you might think that it's true!

But in reality she conspires with the infamous Cardinal Mazarin ...

And she doesn't hesitate to do a thousand bows to the attention of very young king, the future Louis XIV!

This bitch is even ready to kneel completly in front of the young king, if necessary!

Kneel you a little more: the young king loves it, my dear Justine!

Very well baby!

Hello majesty, I came to get some favors of your hand ...

With such shapes no problem baby: everyone gives off, the beautiful Lady is going to do striptease just for me!!!

Majesty! How can I get access to such a request?!?? You're really too young ... and i'm not your sex toy!

It's not so stupid to have try, this is the future king after all and Lady de Winter is ... top attractive, right?

When his majesty will be as tall as in the mirror, I could possibly grant his erotic request and more ...

Justine let this little bastard to his lustful dreams ...

And while the valet stuff himself like a pig she continue to conspire with the Cardinal ...

Justine is about to go in England for a secret mission: help General Cromwell to take control of country!

And she will most probably also meet the four murderers of her mother!

This valet is really a pig!

The porters complain about an enormous weight ... Lady de Winter would more heavy than she seems?

Even if she seems to be only a courtesan defenseless with her long dresses & large extravagant hats Justine is always ready: her umbrella is a real weapon!

It's only her father Lord Rochefort who needs his 'darling daughter' to help him go to England incognito!

But the little 'darling daughter' wants first some crucial informations before help him even if he's her father!

Justine just want to know the precise names of the four murderers of her mother ...

This parrot is really too funny, right?

You must know that one of murderers was also in love with your mother, Justine!

The portrait of Milady de Winter ... as beautiful as her daughter and also perfidious!

Justine is absolutely inflexible: she wants her revenge ... at any price!

Looks like this travel to England will be very profitable for myself ...

... but before that i'll take care of four morons ...

Happy like a little girl on Christmas Day?

Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d'Artagnan: you will be dead very soon, i swear!

A very special guest with very sexy outfits lies in wait for our four lucky Musketeers ...

From afar it looks like a pretty fairy ...

From near it looks more like a marvelous but ... Evil Fairy!!!

Hello gentlemen, I hope I not bother you!

It would be really too bad that the four assassins of my mother spends their last moments in hassle ...

"Your mother was a diablesse who has deserved her fate we didn't want really her death, Lady Justine!"

In this fur coat, style 'little red hood maleficent', Justine is really too irresistible, isn't she?

I see that besides being a woman's killers you're also excellent liars, congratulations gentlemen!

Slightly hurt but ... missed baby!

Suddenly she fires with a mini crossbow on a Musketeer!

One of Musketeer quickly kicks the hand of agressive babe for disarm her!

An other try ... but missed too!!!

Transformation! The black leather fury is back gentlemen!

Alone against four and absolutely no fear: what an impressive woman!

She knows only one word ...

"Let's attack agressively!!!"

She fights like a man!

She's quick like a panther ...

So gentlemen who's next?

Already tired or scared ... by me?

This is what is called cross swords!

Justine is really very brave ...

But she's forced to step back!

Even for a top young woman like her, a fight against four Musketeers is a bit too much!

The Evil Babe is down?

Absolutely not!

She overturns this furniture to cover her retreat ...

Ok gentlemen! I recognize I can't win for this time ...

Justine decided to get high!

It's the middle age Catwoman!

See you idiots!

One Musketeer try to kill her with a pistol ...

The shot pass very close to her!

It's really time to leave the scene!

Justine shows us one last time her pretty ass molded in beautiful black leather ...

What a shame that it's not possible to zoom more, eh?

After several adventures, Justine was successful in bringing the young king in the castle of Mazarin ...

But just look in the mirror to understand that it's not finished ...

Musketeers in a Montgolfier? It's probably a chimera!

But The Black Leather Lady should better go out to take a look, right?

It's a bit too calm, right?

At the Guard!


It was not a chimera!!!

We came to bring back the young king at her mother Queen Ann!

You have no chance to win this time!

Justine turns back!

It's useless to resist!

Justine is trapped again!

She blocks the Musketeer ...

... and repels him with power kick!

She hids behind a guard ...

And she takes the opportunity to hurt one of them!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I'm invincible, asshole!

Obviously Justine doesn't absolutely want to be captured!

She knows that her end is close ...

But a real Evil Babe must resist to the last limit, right?

It's more fun ... for us!

A little dip?

Justine should perfect her wrestling techniques!

It's more and more complicated for our Super Evil Babe!

Last resort: Justine tries ... a spear tackle! And ... it doesn't work at all!

But it's a good position ... for a spanking!

She steals a sword to her own guard! Complete panic!

Always such suggestive positions ... A real treat!

Justine try to escape one more time ...

But ... it's a dead end baby!

Give up baby doll! The little game is over for you!

You are surrounded! Be reasonnable Justine!

In your dream bastard! I can't loose!

You could never catch me band of morons!

Come on lovely doll, you're an Evil Babe, right?

So it's the time to lose: a good and humiliating defeat awaits you! Agree?

You can all go to hell! A Super Evil Babe like me can't never lose! Never!!!

The young King is safe but Justine has ran ...

She preferred to jump out the window! Bad idea ...

Directly into the fluke! What a gourd!

This idiot is probably going to drown herself, the castle flukes are too deep for her!

The devilish Justine de Winter has probably perished drowned in the deep waters of the Ardennes castle ... Honor to her memory, she was a great Evil Babe!

The friendship between the four musketeers remains unflinching and the story ends so well!

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