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JuneyLa (ジュネイラ) is a villain in the 2003 PC visual novel strategy game "Yajuu Sentai Shibarukan" (野獸戰隊シバルカン).

She is one of several galactic female prisoners who escaped the Milky Way female penitentiary and formed the organization "Brazo Ness", led by Act-Co-Actow. Their goal is to restore a large crime syndicate in the solar system. Obstinately malicious, JuneyLa is a ruthless woman who never hesitates to take someone's life. While incarcerated, her sadistic nature led her to sexually abuse the female prisoners whom she shared her cell with on a daily basis. Her weapon of choice is the chain sickle.

JuneyLa is first shown at the game's beginning, where she sends her minion Sasori Zoness to hijack a bus. After said minion is raped and humiliated thanks to the game's protagonists, she decides to make them pay in battle. Nevertheless, once the heroes get closer, JuneyLa flees, leaving Sasori to die at the hands of the protagonists.

Later, she abducts heroes Kumagaya Sakura and Kogo Toko, but they manage to escape thanks to the Shibarukan scientist. Cornered, Juneyla decides to fight, but loses. Upon seeing this, Actow commands "Brazo Ness" scientist RomanSez to use the enlarging ray on JuneyLa. HahreNe points out that the ray has never been used on one of their own before, but Actow counters that it is worth the risk as JuneyLa's failure has cemented that she no longer has a place in their organization.

The heroes enter the Shibarukan Robo in order to stop the now-giant villainess. They start out with normal attacks, after some of the team members being uncomfortable with how previous enemy Ageha Zoness was raped. However, when the standard attacks fail to land, Sakura uses her new "lotion missiles" to catch her off guard. JuneyLa is bound in "Shibari" bondage using the robo's enormous sword and then whipped. She is raped and then destroyed by the sentai team. Toko finds herself warming up to the idea that the villainess be punished in the same manner as her predecessor, and gives consent to Juneyla's clothes being torn away. The Shbarukan Robo violently rapes JuneyLa and then finally destroys her with its "Wild Beast Sword Super Vibration Erect Strike" (野獣剣・超振動エレクト突きぃぃぃ).

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