Violet Verse

Evil robber Juliet Washburn (aka Violet Verse)

Juliet Washburn aka Violet Verse is a villainess from the 1993 computer game Eagle Eye Mysteries. She is mentioned in the Challenge Book edition of "Case of the Buried Booty", which had Jake and Jennifer Eagle being called by Mr. and Mrs. Arnold (the latter being the manager of Fairview's Historical Society) after they were given a letter that appeared to be written by Violet Verse herself.

Violet's history revealed that she was a serial robber, wearing a mask during her crimes and robbing travelers at gunpoint. It was also revealed that Violet Verse was not her real name (which was never discovered), and she earned her nickname by the fact that she always had a violet scarf over her face and recited poetry--namely Shakespeare--during her robberies. Violet's crime spree ended in 1855, when the villainess vanished from Fairview and was never seen again. The letter had Violet describing the "Portia's Treasure" she had hidden somewhere in Fairview; the name being a reference to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

The Eagles' investigation eventually revealed that "Portia's Treasure" was located in Liberty Tavern, but also revealed Violet Verse's true identity. Violet's true name was revealed to be Juliet Washburn, and following the end of her crime spree in 1855, Juliet wentt on to become a well-known stage actress in theaters among U.S. and Europe. As for the letter, it was revealed to be a test to her childhood friend William Prospero, to see if he was ready to be married. It was also revealed by librarian Mrs. Garcia that Juliet was known to donate much of her ill-gotten gains to the poor children of Fairview. Juliet's ultimate fate, however, is left unknown.

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