Judith Prudence

The villainous Judith Prudence

Judith Prudence is a secondary villainess of the 2010 Disney video game Guilty Party. She was the main villainess of the game's 2nd Story Mode case. She was a judge aboard the bullet train that the Dickens detectives believed Mr. Valentine (their longtime nemesis) had taken Olivia Dickens, their matriarch who they believed was kidnapped by the criminal mastermind. When the detectives arrived, they found the train's conductor knocked out, having been buried in a pile of coal.

When interrogated, Judith claimed that she was with chef Madeline Ash in the train's Galley making an omelet for the conductor. But as revealed by the player's lie detector, this was proven to be a lie, leading to the revelation that Judith was the culprit. When cornered by the detectives, Judith tried to argue that all they had was circumstantial evidence. But when Phoebe Dickens threatened to throw out the golden egg they had found, Judith tackled her in an attempt to get it back, resulting in the egg breaking open and revealing photos of Judith with Mr. Valentine.

Caught red-handed, Judith confessed to being in league with Mr. Valentine, having been contacted by Mr. Valentine to hack into the train's computer system and download the schematics to the engine. To entice her, the criminal mastermind promised her a golden egg for completing the task, playing on Judith's affinity for all things egg shaped. As she hacking the computer, the conductor caught Judith, leading the villainous hacker to pull the lever to drop coal onto him. Judith then broke down in tears in an attempt to claim she wasn't a bad person, only for Max Dickens to sarcastically tell her that a jury wouldn't be sympathetic towards her before his aunt, Charlotte, gave her a karate kick to the head. Judith was presumably arrested offscreen.

Trivia Edit

  • Judith Prudence was Guilty Party's first one-shot villainess.
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